Through our partnership with we are able to connect locally with you today and into retirement. We are working with clients in a fiduciary capacity to establish a retirement plan and provide ongoing investment advice. During our initial meeting here are some of the most common questions that we come across.

Planning / Retirement
  • When can I retire? How much income do I need? How do I generate income from my investments?
  • How to minimize estate taxation?
  • How to come up with an exit strategy/divest with my company stock?
IRA (Individual Retirement Account)
  • What is the difference between a Roth and Traditional IRA?
  • Do I make too much money to qualify?
  • What is a “backdoor” IRA, and do I qualify?
  • Should I rollover my old employer plans to an IRA?
RSU (Restricted Stock Units)
  • What is a tax efficient way to manage my RSUs?
  • How am I taxed on my RSUs?
  • How do I diversify my RSUs into my overall portfolio/retirement strategy?
  • What is the Lifepath 401k option and how do I choose if that is for me?
  • Can I rollover and combine my previous 401k’s
  • How much risk am I taking in my 401k and is this appropriate for me
ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan)
  • Am I taxed on the ESPP discount?
  • Should I start or continue investing into my ESPP plan?
  • What are the benefits?
ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

What is an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investment and can I build an entire ESG Portfolio?

Our initial meeting is educational and aims to answer these questions and many more. Feel free to book a meeting and ask as many questions as you would like, our team is happy to take the time to talk to you and walk you through any topic of your choice.

For those that want to take the education one step further we also offer in depth analytics that take a look at all of your investments and a comprehensive look at your entire financial picture. All of this education is provided free with no obligation to work with or use our team. You can take our advice and use it as you please. If you do wish to partner with us we are happy to start helping you implement your new financial plan immediately.

Financial planning services are provided pursuant to a separate advisory agreement and include an additional fee.